Aaliyah Skye Harrison
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dark-Brown
Eye Color: Dark-Brown
Address: N/A
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Liyah (by Charity and Lena)

'High as the Skye' (By Landon)

Family & Friends
Family: Unknown parents

James Harrison (cousin)

Sexuality: Closeted Bisexual
Relationships: Landon Wate(On-Again/Off-Again Boyfriend;in love;sexual)
Friends: Charity Heart

Lena Garcia

Justice Wate

Enemies: Heather Sandford
Other Information
Interests: Having Fun, Getting Drunk and Getting High
Clique: Cheerios
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Manipulating People, Dancing and Singing
Strengths: Dancing and Singing
Weaknesses: Inability To Refuse Guys (Or Girls)
Series Information

First appearance: Meeting The Students
Portrayer: Selena Gomez
Aaliyah Skye Harrison is a character on Glee Fan-Fiction: Same Directions. Aaliyah is head-cheerleader, Landon's on-again/off-again girlfriend and Charity's best-friend.She's a member of Natasha's Musical Ambition.


Aaliyah may be a cheerleader, but that doesn't mean she's a good girl. Aaliyah has no respect for the law, but does have some limits. She likes to have fun and live her life, has no problem with getting high or drunk. Liyah loves to be the center of attention, craves it. She can be rebellious and ruthless, not caring who she hurts. Aaliyah is extremely flirty, and can't refuse a cute guy. She can be very manipulative and persuasive. She is very mean and enjoys slushying the occasional nerd. She does not believe in celibacy, unlike her friend, Charity.


Aaliyah was born to a rich family in Lima, Ohio. She grew up receiving every thing she wanted and then some. When she started school she met Charity, the two unlike girls quickly became friends. Aaliyah is after getting into lot's of trouble and is now under, what they call, permenant surveilance at school. Her parents aren't proud of her and have almost disowned her, they wish she could be classy like their social-standing expects. She has two younger siblings who are girls, Hayley and Jana.

Season One OverviewEdit


Solos in Season 1Edit

Group Songs in Season 1


Meeting The StudentsEdit

Aayliah debuts arguing with Heather Sandford.She is then shown talking to her best friend Charity Heart. She complains about how Landon isn't calling or texting her.

Finding RecruitsEdit

Aayliah is shown texting her boyfriend when Charity asks her about the glee club. The two have a disagreement but Aayliah shakes it off.Later Charity and Aayliah have another argument and she's shocked by all Charity has to say.Aayliah is then seen watching her friend Charity perform a ballad for her deceased brother.Finally, Aayliah auditions for the glee club and makes up with Charity.

Just Getting StartedEdit

Aayliah is first seen talking with Landon except Landon is barely listening to a word she has to say. Later on, Landon tries to talk to her to which they get in an argument where Landon makes her feel bad. But she's comforted by her friends. Aayliah is then seen performing Let's Get It Started and Get This Party Started with Musical Ambition. 

Getting To Know One Another Edit

Aayliah is first seen sitting with Landon and Charity and she's glaring at Landon while Charity is talking to her. She's seen singing along with Yasmine and the Musical Ambition girls during Stand Out. For the duets, she's paired with Lena to her irritation. Later,she's approached by Lena and the two get into an argument. There, Lena points out that Landon is once again cheating on her. Aayliah is then brought to tears and she runs to the restroom. She's followed by Lena where she talks about how much Landon hurts her. Lena then points out that they have more in common than they both thought. The two new friends perform the duet, Here We Go Again and hug afterwards. Aayliah is seen walking up to Landon and sitting beside him rekindling her relationship with him. She's last seen standing with Lena and Tyler during the performance of Who You Are with the rest of Musical Ambition.  


Landon Wate

Landon is the on again/off again boyfriend of Aayliah. They tend to argue and break up often. It is implied in Just Getting Started, that Landon makes Aayliah feels as that it's her fault when they get into arguments. It's also implied that Landon cheats on Aayliah frequently. 

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