David Tarver
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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Hair Color: Blonde/Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Football Coach
Aliases: Coach Tarver
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown parents

Unknown wife (seperated)

Unknown daughter

Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Jane Frost (crush;one-sided)
Friends: Natasha



Other Information
Interests: Sports
Education: William McKinley High School
Strengths: Winning
Weaknesses: Losing
Series Information

First appearance: Just Getting Started
Portrayer: Brad Pitt
David Omari Tarver is a character in Glee:Same Directions.He is the football coach that is madly in love with Jane. But he is a serious womanizer.


He's a very compettive person. He is all abgout winning. There is no second best in his mind. Winning is everything for him.


David Omari Tarver was born in and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He and his twin brother Daniel were enrolled in little league football and baseball at the age of 6 by their retired NFl father. His mom was a sports new caster for ESPN. David was taught to love, live, and breathe football. There was just nothing better. David even played football in college.

David got a chance to play for the NFL but he decided to follow his college sweet heart, Rebekah Jones to Lima. David and Rebekah got engaged but never married. Once he and Rebekah broke up he realized how stupid he was to move to Lima to be with her. That's how he became the serious womanizer that he is today. His motto is love em' and leave em'.


He is now the football coach of the McKinley Titans. He pushes the players to the max because he believes that losing is unacceptable. He is a very harsh coach. Winning is everything in his mind. He is also smitten with Jane Frost. She knows but she doesn't return the feelings considering she's in love with Robert Easton. Natasha used to have a thing for him but that faded really quickly once she heard his rep.

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