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Not Everything Can Be Kept Secret
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date TBA
Written by SAmcedesandKlaineForever
Directed by SamcedesandKlaineForever
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Not Everything Can Be Kept Secret is the fifth episode in Glee Fan-Fiction: Same Directions. It is written by SamcedesandKlaineForever.


Kristina lay in her bed,holding the pregnancy test, staring at the white ceiling.Even though it had been two months since she had took that pregnancy test the results still hadn't set itself in her mind. 

Everytime she thought about it,she felt like the room was spinning.She just didn't understand how this could be happening. It couldn't be happening. She was just a teenager. She had her whole life ahead of her. She had the perfect boyfriend, the perfect parents, and she was not just a cheerleader.No, she was one of the best cheerleaders.

Everything in her life was going good.....great. Now she was pregnant and she didn’t what she was going to do. How would she tell her parents? After all Mr. and Mrs. Winters had done for her, she thanked them by getting knocked up. And what about Josh? Would he still love her after this? Would he want to be dating a pregnant girl?

Kristina didn’t have the chance to think anymore because her mom was knocking on her bedroom door. It was time for dinner and her mom wanted her downstairs now.

Kristina:I’m coming.

Kristina got off her bed and got on her knees in the floor. She then pulled her shoebox from under her bed and stashed the test in the very bottom like she had being doing all this time. She then pushed the box back under her bed.  She took a deep breath, washed her face and then walked out of the bedroom door. Her life was about to get a lot more complicated.

Lena slowly sat up in her bed because she was tired of hearing her phone buzz repeatedly. She knew it could only be one person. She reached over next to table beside her bed and picked up her blackberry.


Tyler(walking into the school building):Lena-Bear! Where all you? Do you need someone to come and get you? And why do you sound like you just woke up?

Lena(bites one of her nails)(lies):Because the medicine the doctor put me on made me tired.

Tyler:Medicine? (confused) Doctor?

Lena(lies):Yeah, I went to the doctor the other day.

The doctor? Lena had told him nothing about going to a doctor. Which wasn't like her. She was always keeping Tyler updated on her life. 

Tyler:For? poisoning.

Tyler:And the medicine they gave you made you sleepy?

Lena:Yep, weird medical staff.

Tyler:So, where did you go?

Lena:What do you mean?

Tyler:What was the place you ate at?

Lena(shrugs):Just some sushi place.

Tyler:Lena, you hate sushi.

Lena(pauses)(lies):Yeah, but one of my besties came over and she loves the place and I couldn’t tell her no.

Tyler(quiet for a moment):So what you’re telling me is you went out with one of your best friends, (gets offended)but your total ultimate best friend didn’t get invited! Rosalena Eve Garcia, that hurts.

Lena(rolls eyes and laughs):Calm down, Ty. We go out tons of times. And this was just a girls thing. Ya know?


Lena:So, you should get to class.

Tyler:Sure, okay.

Lena:Love you bunches.

Tyler:Love you too. Lena hung up the phone and got back in her bed. She didn’t like lying to Tyler, but if she told Tyler what she was really staying at home, he’d never let her live it down. Tyler hung up the phone and put it through his pocket.

Tyler(shakes his head):She’s lying through her teeth.

Kate was listening to music, her head propped against her locker. She had no knowledge of any of her surroundings. So it was a surprise when Landon Wate tapped on her shoulder from behind.

Kate(takes out earbud):Can I help you?

Landon(leans against one of the lockers):Hey you’re the one that said we could talk anytime.

Kate(nods):Yeah, but to be completely honest I didn’t think you’d take me up on it.

Landon(acts offended):Ouch.(puts a hand to his chest) Kinda hurtful.

Kate(rolls eyes):I think you’ll survive.

Justice was walking away from the water fountain when she spotted her brother talking to Kate. She raised an eyebrow once again her brother was talking to another girl behind Aayliah’s back. He was such a tool. Justice shook her head as she watched Landon lean back against the locker and a smile crept upon Kate’s face. It just wasn’t right.

Rose(walking up beside her):Whatcha doing? 

Justice(blunt):Watching my brother flirt with other girls beside his girlfriend. 

Rose(raises eyebrows):Oh.

Justice:I can’t believe we’re related. I’d never do stuff like that.

Rose(shrugs):True. But we should get going.

Justice(walks ahead of Rose):Yeah, let’s go.

A nervous Kristina was throwing books in her locker in a hurry. She had a lot going through her head right now and what she needed was just a moment to herself where she could clear her head. Because of right now she was completely frazzled.

Josh(walks up behind her):Hey, babe. What’s going on?

Kristina(turns to face him):Oh hey. Listen, can't talk.(turns back around and throws more books in her locker and stuffs books in her bag) I’m sorry.

Josh(confused):Why, what’s wrong?

Kristina(sighs):I can’t talk right now.(slams locker) I need to go.(slings bag over shoulder) I’ll see you later.

Josh:O....kay. Well can I at least get a kiss goodbye.

Josh closes his eyes and leans forward. He stands in that position for about two minutes only to open his eyes and see that his girlfriend was nowhere in sight. He leaned back and scratched his head. That wasn’t like Kristina.

Aayliah:And I just thought it was a stupid decision, ya know? Like sometimes the choices she makes are just so dumb.

Aayliah was trying to talk to him about her problems, but the thing was unknown to her was that Landon's attention wasn't exactly focused on her. He was craning his neck to look at Kate who was chatting with some of her friends at their lockers.Everytime he saw her twist her ponytail or smiled it made him smile.

Aayliah:But I mean without a doubt I'm the best one on the squad. I mean what would that squad do without me?

Landon(not paying attention):Yeah,right.

Aayliah stopped talking and realized that Landon wasn't exactly listening.She snapped her fingers in his face.

Landon(snapped back to reality):Huh?

Aayliah:Were you even listening?

Landon:Of course,babe.

Aayliah:I didn't get that feeling.

Landon:I swear I was listening and you're right. You are the best cheerleader on that squad. The whole school knows it. But no one knows it better than me.

The compliment melted Aayliah's annoyance and made her smile.

Aayliah(hugs him):Awww,you're so sweet.

Landon(hugs back):Well, you're the best.

Even though he was hugging Aayliah, he couldn't help but look back to see what Kate was doing.Now she was by herself talking to some guy who apparently was making her laugh.This time when he saw her twist her ponytail, he looked away.

Heather glumly opened her locker and dropped her backpack and began to look for her Spanish 3 book. She turned and glanced at Ian who was talking to Josh. She sighed and threw another item in her locker. Katylen(teasing):Hey, I let you borrow that notebook, but not so you could damage it. Heather(turns to look at her):I'm not up for it Kat.

Katylen:Still bummed?

Heather(gives her a look):What do you think?

Katylen(hugs her):Sorry.But hey there could be better guys out there and on the plus side you never actually told him you liked him.

Heather(shrugs):Eh, I guess. I mean I still wish I was that girl he liked.

Katylen(dismisses the thought away):Please, I bet you were way prettier than whoever he likes.

Heather(rolls eyes):Probably not, she's probably like some cheerleader. (sighs) How can I compete with that?

Katylen sighed and rolled her eyes. Every once in a while, Heather had those aloof moments. But she was her best friend and she wouldn't change her for the world.

Katylen:Um, Heather.(gestures to both of them) We're cheerleaders.

Heather(dazed):Oh yeah.

Katylen(teases):Yeah, you and Ian are meant for each other.

Heather(smiles,still not having a clue):I know right?

Katylen laughed and wrapped her arm around her bestie's shoulders as the two walked off down the hall.

Justice(nudges Rose):See how he keeps looking back at her?!

Rose(directs her attention to Landon):Um, not exactly.

Justice:I mean he just keeps staring at her.

Rose(shrugs):Well, I mean she is exceptionally pretty.

Justice:So is his girlfriend.

Rose:Good point.

Justice:I just don't see it fair that he cheats on her again with someone that she sees everyday! Rose:True,but this is a Landon and Aayliah issue, not a Landon, Justice, and Aayliah issue. Justice:As his sister and fellow friend to Aayliah it would only be right to inform her of this. Rose(snorts):Are you trying to use the whole girlfriend code thing?


Rose:Well, good luck with that.

Natasha:So that's all part of being in a glee club. Any questions?

Lia:So like you have started preparing for all of this,right?

Natasha:Well, I mean Rome wasn't built in a day. But before Sectionals, trust me we'll be ready.

Lia(whispers to Lucy and Valerie):Doubt that.

Tyler was busy thinking about Lena's lie when Yasmine tapped his shoulder.

Yasmine(whispers):Is it just me or does this all sound expensive?

Tyler(nods):Yeah it does.

Yasmine:On this school's budget, I don't see how we can all afford this.

Tyler:And it's not likem she has the money.

Yasmine:We might need to come up with a plan.

Tyler's eyes had wandered off to Trent who was talking to Natasha at the moment.His eyes filled with anger. He knew that Lena's absense had Trent's name all on it.

Yasmine(slaps his shoulder):Are you listening?

Tyler:Um,no, Repeat it for me.

Yasmine rolled her eyes and smiled.

Yasmine:Well at least you were honest.

The cheerios gathered in the center of the gym waiting for Jane's commands. Jane walked in and looked up them all up and down.

Jane(claps hands):Alright,today girls I want to go straight to routines.

Charity:We're skipping, warm-ups?

Jane:That's what I said, Charity. You can do it. Now get in position.

Kristina just stood and watch while the rest of her fellow cheerios got into the position.Ever since finding out she was pregnant, cheerleading practice was harder on her. She felt like she couldn't do the flips and the kicks. She was afraid to harm her baby,yet afraid to tell anyone the truth.

Jane(walks up to Kristina):Winters! Is there a problem?

Kristina was snapped back to reality by her coach's harsh tone. Kristina looked at her and turned to see all of the cheerios staring at her. Kristina gulped and shook her head.

Jane:Good, now get your butt in the position.

Kristina nodded and walked over to the rest of the cheerios. She tried to ignore the stares,especially the one from Katylen. Jane did a nod for them to begin and the girls started the routine and Kristina began to sing.

Well, I've got a secret, I cannot say
Blame all the movement to give it away
You've got somethin',
that I understand
Holding it tightly,
caught on command
Leap of faith, do you doubt?
Cut you in,
I just cut you out
       The Cheerios began to dance around Kristina as she continued to sing.
Whatever you do,
don't tell anyone
Whatever you do,
don't tell anyone

Look for reflections, in your face
Canine devotion, time can't erase
Out on the corner
or locked in your room
I never believe them and I never assume
Stuck in belief there is a lie
Promise is promise, an eye for an eye
We've got something to reveal
No one can know, how we feel?
    Kristina began to think back to two months ago when she took her pregnancy test.
Whatever you do,
don't tell anyone
Whatever you do,
don't tell anyone
Whatever you do, don't tell anyone
Whatever you do, don't tell
       She had an urge to let somebody in on the huge thing she was keeping but she didn't how to tell and who to tell.At the moment she was feeling as if she could trust no one.

I think you already know
How far I'd go not to say
You know the art isn't gone
And I'm taking this all to the grave

Whatever you do, don't tell anyone
Whatever you do, don't tell anyone
Whatever you do, don't tell anyone
Whatever you do,
don't tell
    The cheerios gathered around her in a circle and did a pose to end the song.

Heather(nudging Kristina):Are you okay, Kris?

Kristina opened her eyes to see her on the gym floor. She slighly turned her head to see all of the cheerios gathered around her. She started to try to prop up on her elbows when Charity gently stopped her. That's when Kristina realized the massive headache she had.

Charity:Take it easy. Jane's going to get the nurse.

Kristina finally got the urge to speak.

Kristina(confused;rubbing her head):What happened?

Katylen:Everything was going good, until we got to the jump and twist.

Aayliah:Yeah, you seemed lost in space. And when Jane yelled at you, you came back and then lost balance.

Charity:You fell on your side but guessing from the fact that you're rubbing your head,you must have bumped it.

Before anyone else could say anything, the nurse and Jane busted in. The nurse shooed everyone but Jane away. The nurse and Jane then proceeded to help Kristina up.

Kristina:Nurse Bailey....I'm fine.

Nurse Bailey(shakes head):Honey, you're far from fine.You're coming to my office to rest and then we'll see whether you're gonna go to your next class or home.

Jane:Kristina, you have to focus.You can't just gaze into space like that. When you fell, you scared us all.

Kristina:I'm sorry.

Jane:It's fine, but next time have your head in the game. Now go with Nurse Bailey. She'll get you all well.

Kristina,being supported by Nurse Bailey, slowly exited the gym.

Heather(walking over to Katylen):Is it me or was that totally not like Kris?

Katylen:You're right. Something is up with her and I'm going figure out what it is.

Lena was in her bed watching some T.V., when one of her aunts walked in. Lena smiled at the bowl of food she saw her aunt had in her hands.

Lena: Hola, tía Lucinda

Aunt Lucinda:Hola, mi preciosa Rosalena. ¿Qué pasó mi querido

Lena(bites her lip and lies):I fell when I was skating with my friend. You remember, Tyler?

Aunt Lucinda(nods):Yes. Well mamá asked me to come and check on you. And how could I say no to mi precioso Rosalena?

Lena's aunt leaned in for a hug which Lena couldn't deny made her feel a lot better. Somtimes she wondered if her mother would do this stuff for her.

Lena(smiles):What food do you have?

Aunt Lucinda:I brought you some home-made Queso Dip.

Lena:With the jalenpinos?

Aunt Lucinda(smiles):What do you think?

Lena(takes the bowl):Thanks. Aunt Lucinda(takes a moment to look at her):You know you look so much like your madre.

Lena looks down at her bowl. She wasn't used to talking about her mother. It wasn't something she was fond to do. Her aunt must have realized because she placed her hand on Lena's.

Aunt Lucinda:Believe it or not, she did love you. It was just that father of yours.When he abandoned her, she felt she had no one to turn to.And I know that at your age it's hard for you to believe, but it's true. I mean that man didn't love your mother. But she loved him so much. She'd die for him.

Lena(looked up):Really?

Aunt Lucinda:Of course. He just didn't feel the same. That's why I hope that when you find love, the man you find loves you. Treats you right. Does nothing like your father did.

Lena hid the sigh she wanted to release when her aunt pulled her into a tight embrace. Instead of telling her aunt about Trent, she simply agreed with her aunt.

Lena(hugging her aunt):Me too.

Lucy,Lia, and Valerie were all sitting together at the lunch table as they did everyday.

Lia(seeing Lucy's lunch):Really?Lucy, I thought you wanted to shed 5 pounds not gain ten.

Lucy shrugged and took another bite of her seafood alfredo. She swallowed and then gulped down some sweet tea.

Lucy:I never said I wanted to lose 5 pounds. You said I should.

Lia:All that shrimp is gonna go straight to your thighs!

Lucy(rolls eyes):You say nothing to Val eating the foot long subway sandwich!

Lucy points at Valerie who nonchanlantly takes another bite of her sandwich. Lucy raises her eyebrow at Lia.

Lia:Val,I thought you said you were bring a salad?

Valerie:Sorry, I was in the mood for a philly cheese steak.

Lia sighed and rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe these were the friends she had chosen when she was younger. But she loved them regardless.

Lia:Moving on, am I the only one that sees that Ms. West has no control of the glee club?

Valerie(shrugs):She's doing fine to me.

Lucy:Val's right.

Lia:Please. With being school counselor and a mother she doesn't have time to be the best Musical Ambition Director. She needs sime enlistment.

Lucy(snorts):Like who?

Lia(thinking to herself):Me.

Trent was at his locker texting someone when Tyler walked up on him. Trent looked up from his phone. He at first decided to ignore Trent, but when he realized that Tyler wasn't moving, he put his phone in his pocket.

Trent:Is there a problem?

Tyler:Where's Lena?

Trent(looked down at himself):Do I look like her?

Tyler leaned against the locker.

Tyler:No, but you know where she is.

Trent:Yeah, she's probably at home. Where else would she be? Unless, you know something that I don't know.......

Tyler gave Trent a grimace and crossed his arms.

Tyler:You know why she's at home, don't you?

Trent:Does it matter?

Tyler(nods):Yeah, it matters to me, because she's my best friend.

Trent:Then you would know she's fine.

Tyler:She's so much better without you.

Trent:Why are you always starting an argument?

Tyler:Because I know you hit Lena again.

Trent:And your proof is where?

Tyler:How about Lena? She has tons of bruises from where you have hit her and pushed her.

Trent:And you think she's just gonna go and tell someone?

Tyler:I know she will.

Trent:Look, Tyler. Ms. West is trying to help me with my anger issues, but I haven't had enough sessions yet to where I will just stand here and let you make threats that you and I both know won't happen.

Tyler said nothing just looked at Trent with the same anger in his eyes.

Trent:Stay out of this. Leave me and Lena alone. She's fine. Do something that will piss me off and the only one that will be getting hit is you.

Tyler said nothing as Trent stormed off. Yasmine edged herself by a furious Trent and walked over to Tyler, quickly.

Yasmine:Are you okay?

Tyler:Just fine. But I'm not the one to worry about.

Kristina opened her eyes and stared at the blue painted wall of the room in the nurse's office. She must have drifted back to sleep. If she had, how long had she been out? Kristina slowly got of bed and steadied herself on the wall. She then went into the nurse's main office to see Nurse Bailey eating a taco. Nurse Bailey, seeing Kristina, put the taco down and rushed to her. Nurse Bailey helped Kristina to a chair.

Kristina:How long have I been asleep?

Nurse Bailey:That's the least thing to worry about at the moment.

Kristina:Nurse Bailey, I'm okay. I just had a little fall. No need to worry. I must have been tired from all my studying explaining why I fell asleep.

Nurse Bailey sat down next to Kristina and took her hand.

Nurse Bailey: Have you been having any....... um.... symptoms?

Kristina:Like what?

Nurse Bailey:Nausea, headaches,tiredness.....

Kristina:Maybe. But that was all associated with a viral infection I had.

Nurse Bailey:Did a doctor diagnose this?

Kristina:Nurse Bailey, what's the deal?

Nurse Bailey:I know this may be private. But I need to know, are you sexually active?

Kristina widened her eyes. Did Nurse Bailey think she was pregnant? She wasn't ready to tell anyone.

Kristina:Excuse me!?

Nurse Bailey:I think you might need to make an appointment with the free clinic. I can give you the number.....

Kristina(stands up):Are you accusing me of something?

Nurse Bailey:Kristina, calm down. I am not accusing you of anything. As a RN, I am thinking of every medical possibilty.

Krisitna(crossed arms):Well, what medical possibility is first?

Nurse Bailey(sighs):I think you may be pregnant.

It was the end of the day and Kate was on her way to leave the building,when Landon started walking in step with her.

Kate:Stalker, much?

Landon(acts offended):Friendship ain't your thing, is it?

Kate:It's not friendship, when you're constantly bothering me.

Landon:I'm just trying to make conversation.

Kate(stops walking):Why don't you do that with your girlfriend. The one that you just got back with.

Landon(walks in front of her):She's not the only girl I can talk to.

Kate gave him a look. She had a feeling she didn't like what Landon was thinking in his head. She felt she needed to clarify something.

Kate:We're friends, got it?

Landon:Of course.

Kate:I mean it. Don't get any ideas. I will literally knock you out if you do.

Landon:Hey, I was just hoping that I could take you up on your offer on talking sometime. You know like when I need it and want it.

Kate(looks at him):What do you need to talk about?

Landon(shrugs):We could discuss it on Starbucks.

Kate:As friends.

Landon:You read my mind.

Kate rolled her eyes and then began to walk with him. What they didn't know was that from acroos the hall, Justice and Rose were eavesdropping.

Rose:She seemed to want to only be his friend.

Justice(slams locker):That's now. Wait, til Landon starts turning up his flirting.

Rose(shakes head):Why did I agree to eavesdrop with you?

Justice:It doesn't matter.

Rose:It does too. Your brother's relationship is not our concern! It's Aayliah's!

Justice:I'm helping Aayliah.

Aayliah(overhearing and walking up):Helping me with what?

Rose's face went blank and Justice turned around to see Aayliah staring at the two of them innocently.

Justice(stammers):Um. Uh, nothing.

Aayliah:Oh, come on Justice. We're friends.

Justice(nods and lies):Of course, but I was talking about a freshman namned Aayliah.


Rose(lies):Yeah, Aayliah Noun.

Aayliah(looks at them weirdly):Aayliah Noun?

Justice glares at Rose. Rose shrugs and looks back at Aayliah.

Justice(sighs):Yes, she's from Denmark.

Aayliah:Foreign Exchange Student?

Justice:That's it.

Aayliah:Huh. I'm surprised I haven't heard. You know new kids spread fast.

Justice:That they do. But you should get going. Ya know, practice?

Aayliah:Okay. Well bye Rose, bye Justice.

Justice and Rose:Bye.

Rose:Phew. That was close.

Justice:Aayliah Noun?

Rose:I panicked. Sorry, I mean what did you want me to say?

Justice(shakes head):Forget that. But anyway, I feel bad. Aayliah's so nice. But like she's still unaware of the fact that my brother is never gonna change.

Rose:Too bad, you can't warn her.

Justice(getting an idea):Maybe I could.

The next day, the glee club were seated together talking to one another. Natasha then walked to the room carrying a white dry board and put it on holder. She put the phrase 'How Ya Feelin' on the board.

Kate:How ya feelin?

Natasha:So I was thinking of a theme for this week and I was thinking it could be about what's going on in life right now. Like if you're upset you can perform a song about being upset. If you're pissed off you can sing a song about it. If you want someone to know something sing it.

Tyler:Like a message in a song?

Natasha:Exactly, I mean songs are basically messages.

Rose:Seems like fun.

Natasha:It is what you make it.

Kristina sat in her chair and fiddled with her hair. She didn't know how to react when the nurse asked her if pregnancy was possible. So she did the first thing that came to mind, she fled the room. Sure, Nurse Bailey called after her but Kristina just ran to the restroom. The whole thing make her so sick that she threw up.

Josh:Kristina, are you okay?

Kristina(looked at him):Yeah, sure.

Josh:You know you have been acting strange lately. And I mean for quite a while.

Kristina:I told you I wasn't feeling well.

Josh:Are you sure that's all it is? I heard about you falling in cheerleading practice.That's not like you. You always have your A-Game in practice. So, what's going on?

Kristina:I'm fine, okay. Just let it go.

Josh:Why are you so mad all of a sudden?

Kristina(stands up and starts yelling):I'm not mad!

Suddenly, all of the glee students turned to look at her. Even Natasha who was talking to Kate and Amelia stopped.

Heather:Kristina, what's wrong with you?

Kristina(yelling):Nothing is wrong with me! Just stop bombarding me with questions!

Josh(whispers and grabs her hand):Kris, you're yelling.

Kristina snatches her hand away to see everyone was looking at her. She took a deep breath and looked at all the eyes on her. Josh stood up and put his hands in his pockets. He looked deeply concerned for her.

Kristina breathed heavily and ran out of the choir room. She heard Josh call her name but it didn't stop her from running to the restroom. It didn't stop her from puking. It didn't stop her from crying either.

She stayed in there for a long time. She was surprised when no one came in after her. She finally came out and saw Nurse Bailey standing there. Kristina said nothing just continued to cry. Nurse Bailey gave her a sympatheic look.

Nurse Bailey:Kristina, are you pregnant?

Kristina, not having the power to form words,nodded. She then continued to sob. Nurse Bailey walked over to Kristina and hugged her. Kristina returned the hug still crying.

Natasha was in her office sorting through papers when Yasmine and Tyler walked in.

Natasha:Tyler, Yasmine. Come in.


Yasmine and Tyler took two seats across from Natasha's desk.

Natasha:So, what's this about?

Yasmine:You have a lot planned for this glee club.

Natasha:Yes, I do. But I think it's all going to be a great adventure.

Yasmine:Oh, yes we agree with that. But have you um, done the math on all of this?

Tyler:I mean we're talking competitions. That requires clothes, shoes, the whole enchilada. Then I mean you have gas prices.

Yasmine:Gas rate goes up every week.

Natasha:Okay, what are you getting at?

Tyler:Fine, let me be blunt. Last time I checked this type of thing costs money.

Natasha raised her eyebrow.

Yasmine:And not be rude, but there is no way the school has this money. And um, neither do you.

Tyler:At all.

Natasha looked from the both of them.They were both looking at her with looks of seriousness. The perks of being a counselor.

Natasha:Okay, Mr.and Mrs. Accountant. What do you have planned?

Yasmine:Glad, you asked. We need to start do fund-raisers.

Tyler:And I mean like tomorrow.

Yasmine:And not just at school.I am gonna have a sale around my community. And I'm gonna raise asome baby-sitting money.

Tyler:I will do a sale around my community too. But she's right, we need to do some school fund-raisers.

Yasmine:As in 'We' he means the whole glee club.

Tyler:Yeah, the two of us as savvy as we may be, can't do this alone.

Natasha:Okay, looks like you got a plan.


Natasha:Well I mean you're right. We do need to come up with something. However, I'm sure that you two can get the job done.

Tyler:Meaning what exactly?

Natasha:That you two can be the directors of the fund-raisers.

Tyler and Yasmine said nothing as Natasha got up to escort them from her office. Tyler and Yasmine got up and began to walk to the door.

Natasha(opens the door):I'm interested in hearing your plans. And by the way, guys, you don't know how much money I have. I wasn't always a school counselror.

Yasmine said nothing as Tyler raised his eyebrows.

Natasha:I used to be a District Attorney.

Tyler and Yasmine:Oh.

Lena turned her phone around in her hand. She was debating on whether to break up with Trent or not. The last thing she wanted to do is become her mother.And it killed her everytime she had to lie to her family and her friends. Her family deserved better than that. And so did Tyler. He was her best friend and he did everything for her. But what about Trent? What about the love she knew he knew he had for her? And what if he needed her?And he did make her happy sometimes. She loved him.She felt like they were meant to be together. But what if they weren't? What if there was someone better? What if she was walking down the right road as her mother?Was that the direction that she wanted? Did she want to be her mother? Or could her love with Trent make it?

Lena picked up her phone and began to call Trent but then stopped.She then tried again but couldn't. It made her furious, because she wanted to let go but she couldn't. So the question was what would she do?

Justice was supposed to be going to lunch but stopped when she saw Kate and Landon talking. Justice rolled her eyes and decideed to walk over there.Landon didn't see her because he just kept on talking without a clue. Kate, however, did see her and kept glancing at her. Landon(turning to see Justice):Can I help you?

Justice(nods and lies):Aayliah is looking for you.

Landon:I'll find her.

Justice gives him a look like she knows he's lying. Landon sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

Landon:Anything else?

Justice:Well, it's just that you two just got back together. And it's a shame that you're gonna mess it up.

Landon looks at her like she was speaking some hidden language. Kate just looked down at her shoes. She was not liking the situation she was in.

Landon:And I'm gonna mess it up by not looking for her?

Justice(looks at Kate):It's sad that when she's looking for you,you're too busy looking at someone else.

This made Kate shake her head and start to take a couple of steps back.

Kate:Okay, you know what. Landon, we can just cancel hanging out later.(gestures at Landon and Justice) Apparently, you, Aayliah, and Justice have something going on. And I do not want to be part of it.

Kate started to walk away. Landon glared at Justice and began to stop Kate.

Landon:No, we can still hang out.

Kate:I don't think we can. Clearly your girlfriend needs you. Go hang out with her.

Justice had to hide her laughter. Landon watched as Kate walked away. Landon turned back to Justice. He was clearly pissed. But by the look on Justice's face, she didn't care.

Landon:Please,get a life so you can but out of mine.

Justice:What you'e doing is wrong.

Landon:You don't know what I'm doing.

Justice:Well, then maybe she should know.

Landon:I need you to butt out.

Justice(crosses arms):And I need you to be honest with Aayliah.

Aayliah(walks up):Honest with me about what?

Landon and Justice turn around to see Aayliah standing there. Landon sighs and leanss back against his locker. Justice smirks.

Justice:Yeah, Landon. Tell her.

Aayliah looks at Landon for an answer. Landon glances between his sister and his girlfriend.

Landon:That I love you.


Landon(grabs Aayliah's hands):Yeah, I haven't been honest about it. But I love you a lot. And I am so happy that we're back together.

Aayliah(believing him):Really? I love you too.

Justice wanted to barf. Then, she wanted to yell at Aayliah for being so darn stupid and shallow. She couldn't be buying this! It was fool proof!

Landon:And I can not thank you enough for loving me.

Aayliah(hugs him):You're the sweetest.

Landon hugged Aayliah back and gave Justice a look. Justice rolled her eyes and stormed down the other end of the hall.

Kristina just stared at her shoes in the nurse's office. She felt so out of touch with herself.

Kristina:I can't do this.

Nurse Bailey:I know it seems like a lot to take in. But you're gonna have to tell someone.

Kristina(shakes her head):I can't.

Nurse Bailey:Kristina, you have to. This is a baby.

Kristina:My life is ruined.

Nurse Bailey:That's not true. Krisitna, you have a lot of choices. But you also have important decisions to make. Andf the first two are to tell your parents and go to see a doctor.

Kristina:I'm not fit ot be a parent.

Nurse Bailey:Whether you are ot not, no one knows. But right now, you can't just think of yourself. You have to think of your baby too. Do what is right for your baby.

Katylen and Heather were walking when Josh and Ian approached them.

Heather:You okay?

Josh(shakes head):Not really.I'm worried about her.

Ian(directs to Katylen):Maybe you should talk to her.

Katylen(snorts):She won't listen.

Heather:She seems to be keeping something really big.

Josh:I wish she would know that she could tell us. I mean we're care about her. How bad could it be that she wouldn't tell us?

Katylen(shrugs):Who knows? But she knows we care about her.

Ian:What if she doens't.

The scene then changes to the four of them in the choir room sitting in chairs. Josh is playing his guitar.

Heather:Oh uh-huh
If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you

Heather and Ian:If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you
Ian:Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

Heather,Ian,Josh, and Katylen:You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
You'll be there
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
Ooooooh, oooohhh yeah, yeah

Josh:If you're tossin' and you're turnin'
And you just can't fall asleep
    Josh imagined Kristina sitting there smiling at them.
Josh and Katylen:I'll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Every day I will remind you
Katylen and Ian:Oooh
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

Heather,Ian,Josh, and Katylen:You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
You'll be there
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
Josh:Ooooooh, oooohhh yeah, yeah
Heather and Katylen:You'll always have my shoulder when you cry
I'll never let go, never say goodbye
Josh:You know...

Heather,Ian,Josh, and Katylen:You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2

Heather and Ian:You'll be there

Josh and Katylen:'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
Josh:Ooooooh, oooohhh
Josh:You can count on me'
Katylen:'cause I can count on you

Tyler was walking to class when Natasha walked up ands stopped him.

Natasha:Tyler,I was wondering have you seen Lena?

Tyler glanceed at Trent who was talking to the football coach at the end other end of the hall. Tyler didn't know what to say. Should he tell Natasha of his hunch? Or should he leave it alone?And what about Lena? Would she hate him if he told him? Even if it was the right thing? Would she understand? And what would Trent do?

Natasha(nudges him):Tyler?

Tyler:Yes, Ms. West?

Natasha:Do you know anything? If you don't that's fine.

Tyler(looks at Trent):I might have an idea, but I don't know if it's true.

Natasha(nods):Well, do I need to know your guess?

Tyler paused before asnwering and then took a deep breath.

Tyler:Yeah, you do.

Kristina walked out of the bathroom to her room and saw Katylen sitting on her bed. Kristina gave her twin a questionable glance.

Kristina:There a problem? I thought you had to take the garbage out.

Katylen said nothing for a moment just sat there and looked at her sister. It was as if she was trying to soak something in. Kristina finally got tired of her sister just sitting there.

Kristina:What do you want, Katylen?

Katylen:WhaWhat's going on with you?

Kristina:Nothing. Just leave me alone. And get out of my room.

Katylen stood up and apparently had something behind her back. It didn't even occur to Kristina what it could be. Katylen walked up to her sister.

Katylen(holds up the pregnancy test):What is this,Kristina?! For once, stop lying and tell me the truth!

Kristina's eyes froze on the test that her sister had in her hands. Kristina suddenly tried to snatch the test but her sister was too quick.

Kristina:Why were you snooping?

Katylen:I wasn't. I trash from your room. You should have hid it better. How could you be pregnant, Kristina?

Kristina:I don't know. But I swear if you tell mom and dad!

Katylen:How could you be so stupid!? Didn't you think of what the consequences?

Kristina:Would you stop acting like you're better than me?! You act like you haven't ever made a mistake, before!

Katylen:just some mistake! This is a baby. Your baby with Josh!And do you know how much you have been hurting him? He has been worried sick about you! We all have!

Kristina(sits on her bed):I never meant to hurt Josh. I love him.

Katylen:So when were you gonna tell him?

Kristina(breathes heavily):I wasn't.

Katylen(snorts):How did you expect to hide it?

Kristina:I was just going to handle it before the wrong people found out. I was gonna take care of it.

Katylen:Take care of it how?

Kristina(runs a hand through her hair):I was going to get an abortion.

Katylen:And not even tell him?! Are you insane?!

Kristina:I thought it could fix the problems.

Katylen:That you created.

Kristina:I know that. But it just seemed like a good plan.

Katylen:You had everything going for you. Why would you do this?

Kristina:I didn't ask to get pregnant!

Katylen:But you are. And now this is going to affect everyone. All because of you.

Kristina(stands upoecond! Everyone is going to be affected? What about me?! This is my baby! I'm the one that has to make the decisions. You just have to sit there and support me. What do you have to go through?! You have it easy!

Katylen:Right, because this is your baby.

The twins were being so loud that their little siter walked in.

Britt:Baby? Who is having a baby?

Katylen and Kristina exchanged glances. Kristina walked over and knelt down next to Britt.

Kristina:No one. You'll always be the baby in the family.

Katylen(mutters):Not for long.


Katylen:It's always gonna be about you.

Britt and Kristina then watched as Katylen stormed out of the room. Britt gave Kristina a look of confusion.

Britt:Why is Kat mad?

Kristina(kisses Britt's head):Nothing, Britt. It's nothing.

Katylen went in her room and slammed the door. She was so angry. Why did her sister always have to do something. It wasn't fair. Katylen sat on her bed. She then lay down on her bed and began to sing.

Made a big mistake ever thinking that you cared
When it's obvious you're acting like I'm not ever here
Well I got news for you, better listen up right now
You gotta give to take
No, you can't pretend
Gotta care about how you treat your friends
    Katylen sat up in her bed and kept on singing.
You think you're so incredible
Completely unforgettable
You think the world spins just for you
You don't have a clue
You act like I'm invisible
As if my life is miserable
One thing is honestly true, friendship is all about two
  The scene then changes to Katylen singing front of the choir room. Kristina had a look on her face that she wasn't pleased by her sister's song.

I can see it now, I can read you like a book
All you care about is what you say
How it makes you look
This is serious, time for you to make a change
You better start right now
Yeah, I'm telling you
Gotta lose that pose and your attitude
You think you're so incredible
Completely unforgettable
You think the world spins just for you
You don't have a clue
You act like I'm invisible
As if my life is miserable
One thing is honestly true: friendship is all about two
Not gonna let you down
I'm gonna turn you around, you'll see
Yeah, this is what real friends do
I still believe it's you and me
You think you're so incredible
Completely unforgettable
You think the world spins just for you
You don't have a clue
You act like I'm invisible
As if my life is miserable
One thing is honestly true: friendship is all about two
Yeah, friendship is all about two
Yeah, yeah
You don't have a clue
You act like I'm invisible
As if my life is miserable
One thing is honestly true
Friendship is all about two

Kristina got up of her chair while everyone else clapped at Katylen's song. She walked up to her sister.

Kristina:You're not funny.

Katylen:And you're pregnant. Josh walked up before anould be said. Katylen smiled at Josh, but Kristina just kept glaring at Katylen.

Natasha:Katylen, what a way to let us know how you feel.

Katylen:Well,I just feel that some people only think about themselves. And that makes me mad, so I deicded to sing about it.

Kristina shot another glare at Katylen.This time Katytlen didn't notice.

Lena was brushing her hair in the mirror. She was deciding to go back to school today. Yeah, she ws going to be late. But she needed to go. She couldn't keep hidden at her house in her bedroom. She inspected herself closely in the mirror.She sighed and looked at the bruise on her arm.She was glad she chose to wear a sweater. She closed her eyes and opened them and saw herself in the mirror but it wasn't her. It was her with all the scars and bruises Trent had gave to her. Lena touched her face. Her eyes began to well up with tears.

On the first page of our story
The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don't know why I'm still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you'll always be my hero
Even though you've lost your mind
  Lena moved to her bed and sat down to continue singing.
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
Ohhh, I love the way you lie
But darlin' I'd still catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'd jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh
   The scene then changed to Lena singing in the audiotorium.
Now there's gravel in our voices
Glass is shattered from the fight
And this tug of war,
you'll always win
Even when I'm right
Black, black, black and blue
Beat me till I'm numb
Tell the devil I said "hey"
When you get back to where you're from
bad boy, bad boy,
That's just what you are,
You'll smile in my face
then Rip the brakes out my car
   Lena started to picture all the fights she and Trent would have and how they would always end up in a disaster for her.
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie!
Ohhh, I love the way you lie

I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for you baby
But you won't do the same.
    Lena knew that he loved her. But was his love enough stay and deal with this? Was it worth it?
I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

You wouldn't do the same,
You wouldn't do the same,
Ooh, you wouldn't do the same,
No, no, no, no

Without a doubt, when she saw Trent today at to talk. Whether it was going to be good or not, she didn't know. But something had to be done.

Rose and Aayliah were talking to one another when they overheard Landon and Aayliah talking.

Landon:Really, babe. You mean a lot ot me.

Aayliah:Not as much as you mean to me. Landon:Hey, no one loves you as much as me.

That ticked Justice off. He was acting as if he was Mr. Innocent. It pissed her off. Was she the only through it? Rose noticed the faraway look in eye.She had a plan.

Rose(nudges her):What are you thinking?

Justice:If she won't get the met clues then maybe I should her.


But it was too late, Justice was already walking to the center of the music room. The ot silent when Justice cleared her throat. Rose did a facepalm in horror.

Justice:I have a song to sing. I think certain people here would understand the meaning better than others. Landon glared at Justice and Kate gave her a confusing look.

Justice:Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man?
You know he gave you the world
He had you in the palm of his hand
So why his love went away
You just can't seem to understand
Thought it was you and him babe
You and him until the end
But I guess you were wrong
  Landon glanced at Kate who was rolling her eyes.
Don't want to think about it
Don't want to talk about it
I'm just so sick about it
Can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
You just can't do without him
Tell me is this fair?
     Landon's eyes began to fill with anger while Aayliah's filled with confusion.
Is this the way it's really going down?
Is this how you say goodbye?
Should've known better when he came around
That he were gonna make you cry
It's breaking my heart to watch him run around
'Cause I know that he's living a lie
That's okay baby 'cause in time he will find...
   Kate crossed her arms.This was not what Justice thought it was.
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
    Landon was annoyed before.Now he was irritated. His little sister could not leave things alone.
Now girl, I remember everything that you claimed
You said that you were moving on now
And maybe he should do the same
Funny thing about that is
He was ready to give you his name
Thought it was you and him, babe
And now, it's all just a shame
And I guess you were wrong
  Rose shook her head, so that was what Justice was thinking.
Don't want to think about it
Don't want to talk about it
I'm just so sick about it
Can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
You just can't do without him
Can you tell me is this fair?

Is this the way it's really going down?
Is this how you say goodbye?
Should've known better when he came around
(should've known better that he were gonna make you cry)
That you were going to make me cry
Now it's breaking my heart to watch him run around
'Cause I know that he's living a lie
That's okay baby 'cause in time he will find

What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around

What goes around comes around
What goes around comes around
You should know that
What goes around comes around
What goes around comes around
You should know that

Natasha(stands up):Well Justice,. I hope that the people that this song was directed to understand it. Good job, none the less.

Justice(glances at Kate):I'm pretty sure that they will.

LiaLia raises her hand.

Natasha:Yes, Lia?

Lia:I've been thinking and it's just that have you considered having co captains? Or maybe just a head captain?

Natasha:Why would I consider that?

Lia:I mean it's just that, you're very hard-working and maybe a captain could assist you.

Amelia:She actually has a good point.

Lia(turns to face Amelia):Thanks I suppose.

Heather:Co captains could be good.

Lia:See maybe you should think about it.

Natasha:Well I will consider it. But don't expect a decision in like two days. I'm gonna have to really think about this.

Lia had to hide her annoyance and diasppointment. It was obvious that Lia had all the talent and the beauty. Musical Ambition needed someone like her. And she was going to get what was hers.

Kristina was at her locker over.This time Kristina was much cheerier. Except Josh wasn't smiling.

Kristina:Hey, I was thinking later we could maybe go.......

Josh(cuts her off):Kristina, stop. Stop acting like everything is okay. I can't keep doing this anymore.

Kristina:Doing what? Josh:You know what. You've been acting like a completely different person. And I don't like it anymore. I'm tired of it.

Kristina:Josh, I'm sorry but......

Josh:But, what? And tell me the truth.

Kristina:I never wanted this to happen. I swear.

Josh(runs hands through his hair):See. That's what I'm talking about. It's like you're in a different world right now. Look, I can't keep doing this. The secrets, the acting out, it's too much.

Kristina looked down at her feet. It was killing her to see how hurt her boyfriend was. If only he knew how hard this was on her too.

Josh:Look, I love you. But maybe I'm not the guy for you. Maybe we're not the right people for each other.

That make Kristina's heart start to cry. She knew he was the one for her.This was going to far. This couldn't keep going on.

Kristina:Josh, wait. You are the one for me. I swear.

Josh:Then, tell me what has been going on.

Kristina said nothing just looked at him.

Josh(nodded):Yeah, that's what I thought.

Tears filled her eyes as Josh walked away from her.

Kristina:I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess
   Kristina began to walk down the hallway as she sang.
Kristina:'Til all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I've been on the brink, so
     Josh was shown at his locker looking at some goofy pictures of him and Kristina.
Kristina with Josh harmonizing:Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Kristina with Josh harmonizing:This time don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Kristina:My God, amazing how we got this far
It's like we're chasing all those stars
Who's driving shiny big black cars
And everyday I see the news
All the problems that we could solve
   Kristina continued to walk down the hall and sing.
And when a situation rises
Just write it into an album
Send it straight to gold
But I don't really like my flow, no, so
       The scene then changed to Josh beginning to walk down the hallway. He looked like he was about to cry.
Kristina with Josh harmonizing:Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Oh, got no reason, got no shame
Got no family I can blame
Just don't let me disappear
I'ma tell you everything

Kristina with Josh harmonizing:So tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Kristina with Josh harmonizing:This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away
Kristina:So tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere

Kristina with Josh harmonizing:So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Kristina:This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away
       Finally, Kristina wasn't walking anymore. She was stopped at someone's door. She paused before knocking and then finally knocked on the door.
Josh with Kristina harmonizing:All my secrets away, all my secrets away

Lena was at her locker when Tyler and Yasmine snuck up on by surprise. Lena smiled and hugged both of them.

Yasmine:Where have you been?You had Tyler worried sick!

Tyler(hugs Lena again):I was not worried sick. I was just simply worried about you. I missed you.

Lena:I missed you guys too. Sorry I was gone so long.

Yasmine:Why were you gone?

Tyler(folds arms):Yeah, why were you?

Lena(looking at Tyler):Tyler didn't tell you? I was sick. Food poisioning.

Yasmine(looks at Tyler with a confused look):No, he didn't tell me.

Tyler looked at Lena. He knew she ws lying. He was just waiting for her to admit it. Lena sighed and put her hands in her pockets.

Lena:Yas, can I talk to Tyler for a minute?

Yasmine(looks at the two of them):Um, yeah.

Yasmine walked away just as Lena glared at Tyler. Tyler just shrugged.He was tired of acting like what was going on was okay.She was living a lie and it kept getting bigger.

Lena:Wanna tell me what's the problem is?

Tyler:You already know.

Lena(sighs):Why do we have to do this? Why can't we just you know act like we do on a daily basis.

Tyler:Because you're not fine.

Lena(rolls eyes):I am fine. I'm okay. I am here. Why can't you just let it be.

Tyler:Because I'm your best friend. And I know that not everything is okay. And I'm not gonna buy it. You can lie to everyone else,heck you can lie to yourself,but you can't lie to me.

Lena:I'm not lying to you.

Tyler(sighs):I'm always gonna be here, you know. I'm always gonna have your back. But I can't help you if you don't be honest. No one is gonna help you if you're not honest.

Lena:I am being honest!

Tyler:With who?

Lena:I am fine. You just have to believe me. There's nothing wrong.

Tyler:Who are you trying so hard to convince? Me, everyone around you, or yourself?

Tyler then walked away from his best friend as she stood there thinking on what he said.

Natasha continued to think of what Lia and the rest of the students had said to her. Would having co-captains strenghten the glee club or would it just cause a division. She didn't know what decision was the best. Whatever she chose it was going to be the best thing for the whole club. Not just for one or two people.

Josh furiously slammed the ball into the net. Ian noticing that Josh had been rather heated for a while, pulled him to the side.

Ian:Okay, man, what's the deal

Josh(wipes sweat off his head):What are you talking about?

Ian:Man,you're treating that ball like an anger management toy. Why don't you save the emotion for practice later.

Josh:Shut up, Ian.

Ian(gives him a look):Ok, really, what's wrong with you. Because even a joke is making you crabby.


Ian(shrugs):Hey, it's a word my mom uses.

Josh:Well,what is making me so crabby is Kristina. I'm just sick of her lies.

Ian:Well, maybe you should talk to her. Josh:I did. And she just acted like whatever was bugging her, she couldn't tell me.

Ian:You could take her word for it.

Josh:What could be so bad that she couldn't tell me?

Ian:I don't know, I'm not a girl.

Josh(sarcastic):Thanks, Ian you're really helpful.

Ian(shrugs):No prob.

Aayliah and Landon were walking to lunch together their shoulders linked together.

Aayliah:that song that Justice sang was interesting.

Landon:Yeah I guess.

Aayliah:I wonder what your she was singing about.

Landon(shrugs):Why does it matter?

Aayliah(shrugs):Well ,I mean it mattered to her because she sang it. But it was like she was singing a message to someone.

Landon(stops walking):Look, who can explain what my sister does.You have nothing to worry about.

Aayliah:I said nothing about being worried. And why would I be worried? I mean there's nothing to worry about, right?

Landon:Of course not.

Aayliah:Why don't I believe you?

Landon:I don't know, why don't you?

Aayliah gave Landon a look. Something was starting to get odd to her. She just didn't know what. And she wasn't sure she was gonna like it either.

Tyler and Lena sat in front of Natasha's desk. Lena kept trying to pester Tyler for answers but he wouldn't answer her. Lena huffed in annoyance when Natasha finally walked in the office.

Lena:Okay, no offense, Ms. West, but why are we in here?

Natasha(takes a seat):Good question. (looks at Tyler):Tyler, why don't you tell her.

Lena turns to look at Tyler. Tyler takes a deep breath. Tyler:I'm worried about you.

Lena:And you brought me here to tell me that?

Tyler:No, I brought you here, because you need to confess what's going on with you.

Lena(sighs):What are you talking about? I am completely fine.

Natasha:Why were you missing school?

Lena looks at Natasha and then back at Tyler.

Lena:I was sick.

Natasha:Is that the truth? Or is that what you're telling yourself?

Tyler:You weren't sick. I know when you're sick.

Lena:I don't know what you two want from me. Natasha:We want you to be honest about everything that's going on with you.

Tyler:I know he hit you. I know that's what you weren't at school.

Lena looked down and avoided their gazes. She really wanted to get out of the room.

Natasha:Lena, is what Tyler saying true?

Lena(shakes her head):I don't know what to say.

Natasha:You do. You just need to say it. Lena, you can't keep living a lie.

Tyler:Lena,I just want to help you.

Lena:Then stop worrying about me.

Tyler:Then stop giving me reasons to worry!

Natasha:People care about you, Lena. And you're lying to them. Who are you protecting by doing that?

Lena:I was trying to protect everyone.

Natasha:You can't do that.

Tyler:Lena, while you're so busy trying to keep everyone else safe. Who's keeping you safe?

Lena looked from Natasha to Tyler and took a deep breath. Maybe it was time that she be honest with everyone including herself.

Lena(takes a deep breath):Trent hit me and that's why I missed school.

Tyler looks at Natasha who nods her head. Lena looks down at her feet and tears begin to fill her eyes. Tyler takes Lena's hand and squeezes it.

Tyler(nudges her):Hey, you're not alone.

Natasha:Is this the only time he hit you?

Lena shook her head and more tears rolled off her face.

Natasha:What happened?

Lena(in between breaths):I............don' start.

Natasha:Just start from the beginning.

Justice and Rose were sitting together at lunch. Questions continued to plague Rose's mind.

Rose:Do you think your brother really understood the song?

Justice(takes a bite out of her apple):Did you not see his face. Oh, trust me he got it and I think that Kate girl got it too. Rose:So does this mean that you are done with the whole make my brother stop charade?

Justice's eyes drifted to Landon at the lunch table with Aayliah and some other jocksand cheerios. She then noticed that Landon kept glancing in the other direction. Justice finally turned around to see that Kate was talking to some of her friends and Amelia at another table. Justice shook her head in disgust.He would never learn.

Rose(nudges Justice):Justice, did you hear what I said?

Justice(turns back to Rose):Yeah, I heard you.


Justice:No.The answer is no. I'm not done. Because my brother still hasn't learned.

Rose(facepalms):Oh boy.

Heather walks up as Katylen slammed her locker door. Katylen then begins to walk down the hall with a pissed off look on her face.

Heather:Still pissed?

Katylen:What do you think?

Heather:Whatever you found must have been really major. Katylen:Oh, you have no idea.

Heather:I feel really bad, I mean you're just so upset.

Katylen and Heather were walking when Ian walked upon them.

Ian(smiles):What's up,ladies. Katylen(not smiling):Not now, Ian.

Ian:You two?! What is with you and Josh being so crabby!?

Heather and Katylen(give him a look):Crabby?

Ian(dismisses it with a wave):Forget about that. Let me guess you're pissed at Kris too?

Katylen:Super. Heather:Josh is pissed too?

Ian:Is he? You should have seen him in gym. And not to mention he's just not talking to anyone. It's like he has a lot going on in his head.

Katytlen:I bet.(thinks aloud) Wait til he finds out.

Ian and Heather(look at Katylen):Find out what?

Katylen(realizes her mistake):Nothing!

Katylen then begins to walk off without Ian and Heather. Ian looked at Heather. Heather smiles nervously.He was so adorable in her mind. If he wanted to flirt with her.... now was the perfect moment.

Ian:We better go catch up with her. .

Heather(face deflates):Probably.

Ian and Heather then go in the direction of Katylen.

Kate was propped against her locker listening to her ipod when she saw Landon walking her way. She then began to walk away from him so he couldn't catch up. She was hoping he'd get the memo but considering the fact that he was still walking after her. He was not getting it. Finally, Kate whirled around to face him. Landon stopped abruptly.

Kate:If you hadn't noticed, I really don't want to talk to you. Landon:Look, is this about my sister's song?

Kate(rolls her eyes):No, this about your football skills.

Landon:Look, I didn't expect Justice to do that.

Kate:Yeah, I could tell by the look on your face during her performance.(shrugs shoulders)Look, we have nothing to discuss.

Kate begins to walk away from Landon. Landon walks in front of her. Landon:I'm allowed to have friends.

Kate:Apparently not, because when a regular guy and girl talk, usually nobody cares. When we talk, we get the complete opposite. I don't know what your little sister thinks about me, but I'm not that girl.

Landon(runs a hand through his hair):Kate.......wait.

Kate(turns back around):What?

Landon:I want to keep talking to you.

Kate give him a questionable look.

Landon:With you, it's like I actually can talk to someone that won't judge me for who I am. I swear I don't have any romantic interest in you at all. I just really like having you as a friend.

Kate:We're friends, got it?

Landon:Fine by me.

Kate(starts to smile):Believe it or not, I actually like being your friend too.

Landon(smiles):See, it's the effect I have on girls.

Kate(slaps his shoulder):Don't get too flattered of yourself.

Landon and Kate did an high five and then Kate pulled Landon in a quick hug. Once the hug was over Kate's face froze.

Landon(teasing):Hey, don't look at me like that you hugged me, remember?

Once he realized, she wasn't looking at him, he turned to see Justice standing there. Landon sighed as Justice just looked at them like they were committing a sin.

Lena felt very nervous sitting next to Trent in the Natasha's office. She knew that once Trent found out that she told everything he would be really mad. But she felt a lot better about not having to keep it in anymore. It was like a burden had been lifted off of her.

Natasha:Alright, let's get started.

Trent:What is this? I thought our counseling sessions were private? Lena:You're in counseling?

Natasha:Yes, you're right our sessions are private. But see this is different.

Trent(gives a questionable look):Well, what is it?

Lena:I asked for us to talk to her. Trent(looks at Lena):What?

Lena:I think she could help us.

Trent(looks at Natasha):Wait, what is this!? Couples counseling?

Natasha:Well, I mean if that's what you want to call it. Trent(looks at Lena):Lena, what's going on.

Lena:I don't like our relationship anymore. Like it's getting out of control.

Trent(whispers to Lena):What all have you told her.

Lena:I told her everything.

Trent(getting angry):Why would you tell her that?

Lena:Because I'm tired of walking around and acting like everything is fine. It's not fine.

Trent looked at Natasha who said nothing. Lena continued to talk.

Lena:People that love each other don't do what we do. And I've been thinking about our parents. And I don't want to end up like my mom. And I know you don't want to end up like .....

Trent(cuts her off):Don't go there.

Lena:But, it's true. Trent, you're terrified of being like your father. And I feel like we've been trying so hard to not be like them, that we haven't realized we're becoming them.

Trent:I'm nothing like my father and you're not your mother. Lena:Maybe not, but I don't like the girl I am.

Natasha:Is it possible that your father is a key reason for your anger,Trent?

Trent:I suppose it's possible.

Lena:You suppose?

Trent(sighs):Okay, yeah he's the reason I'm mad. Natasha:Look, there's nothing wrong with being mad. But I mean there are different ways of coping with your anger. And hitting Lena is not one of them. You could arrested for that.

Trent(puts his head down):I know. I don't want to hit her. And I hate myself when I do it.

Natasha:That's normal. And it's a good thing that you regret it afterwards. But that doesn't mean it's okay when you do it.

Lena:I really want to be with you, but I can't keep living like this.

Natasha:And she shouldn't have to. But you shouldn't have to be so angry either.

Lena:So, you're gonna counsel us?

Natasha:Well, that is part of being a counselor.

Trent(turns to Lena):Is this neccesary?

Natasha looks at Lena.

Lena(folds her arms and nods):Yeah, it is.Because we need a change.

Josh was in class trying to forget everything that was going on with him and Kristina.He needed to focus so he could pass his history test coming up soon. Just as Ian was about to tap his shoulder, the teacher walked up to him. Josh looked up.He was expecting to be scolded, but was instead surprised to hear he was being called to the counselor's office. He walked down the hall to Natasha's office to see Kristina also in there. She looked like a million things was racing through her head. Josh sat down in the chair next to her. Kristina smiled weakly at him, he didn't return the smile. Natasha walked back in the office and leaned against the desk. She looked at Kristina expectantly, causing Josh to turn to her too.

Natasha:Okay, Kristina, what's on your mind.

Kristina looked down at the ground. It was obvious she was dealing with something really challenging. She said nothing just took deep breaths. Josh:Is there a reason I'm here?

Natasha:Kristina, says there's something she needs to tell you and she wanted me to be here.

Josh(looks at Kristina):Is that true, Kris?

Kristina said nothing, just nodded her head. It was a long time before anyone said anything,finally Natasha broke the silence.

Natasha:Kristina, clearly, you're having a hard time revealing this issue. Without a doubt, you can trust me. But maybe you shouldn't tell us..........

Kristina(cuts her off and looks up):No! I have to get it over with.

Josh(confused):Get what over with?

Kristina(takes deep breath):There's a reason I asked to speak with the both of you. I have something to tell you and I have no idea how you're gonna take it.


Kristina:I just want you to know that I really love you and I'm sorry for hurting you for this long. I just didn't know how to react.(takes his hand) Do you believe me?

Josh:Yeah, I do. So what is it that you have to tell me?

Kristina:I'm pregnant. Josh's face whitened suddenly he felt like he was in a dream. He was really hoping he had heard her wrong.


Kristina(rambling):You see I had been sick for weeks and everyone was questioning me including you. And I tried to shake it off and tell you that I was fine. But finally, I couldn't hideit anymore. So then Lucy mentioned pregnancy and I remembered I was late.So instead of going straight home one night, I went to the drugstore and bought a test. The results came back positive. I'm pregnant.

Natasha(clears her throat):Well, this is a shocking revelation. And it's also a lot to take in.

Josh(cuts her off):Are you sure?

Kristina:Josh, the test came back positive.

Josh(shakes his head):Well, maybe you're wrong. You can't trust those things 100%. Kristina:Josh, I can feel it. And I've been talking to Nurse Bailey and she says I have all the symptoms. And she gave me these pamplets.

Josh(stands up and shakes his head):I can't deal with this right now.

Natasha:Josh, sit down. I think we all need to sit down and take a breather.

Kristina:Josh, I'm scared too. But I can't do this alone.

Josh(takes steps away from Kristina):I'm sorry, Kristina. I just have a lot of things on my mind right now. And I just can't deal with all at once.

Josh then walks out the door leaving Kristina speechless.


Kristina sank in the chair and started crying.

Natasha(rubs her shoulders):Hey,it's gonna be okay.

Kristina:No,it's not.Everything is messed up and it's all my fault.

Kristina dialed Josh's cell phone number again that night. He had avoided her the rest of the day at school and he wasn't answering her phone call. She really wanted to talk to him. But she couldn't when he wouldn't answer.Josh sat up on his bed picking his phone up off his nightstand.He saw that it was just Kristina calling again. He sighed and put his phone backon the nightstand. Kristina was sad to see that again all she got was his voice-mail. Kristina sighed and left him another message. Kristina(voicemail):Josh, it's Kris,again.Look, I really want to talk to you. I know that you're probably digesting it all and it's hard. But I still think we should talk.(takes shaky breath) So if you wanna call me back, I'll be here.

Kristina fell back on her bed after hanging up. She knew this was gonna happen. Josh was gonna stop caring for her now that she was pregnant. She wished he knew how much she loved him though, maybe it would change his mind.

Josh's phone beeped again for a new voicemail. Josh reluctantly picked it up and listened to another one of her voicemails. Josh then put his phone down and breathed heavily. He just didn't know what to do anymore. At this very moment, he kind of wished that Kristina would have just kept her secret.

Kristina:For you, there'll be no more crying,
For you, the sun will be shining,
And I feel that when I'm with you,
It's alright, I know it's right
   Kristina's eyes began to fill with tears. She never meant for this to happen. To you, I'll give the world
to you, I'll never be cold
'Cause I feel that when I'm with you,
It's alright, I know it's right.
    She felt like she was all alone. Like she had no one left to turn to. She thought that telling Josh would make things better. Now she felt like she just turned things worse.
And the songbirds are singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before.

And I wish you all the love in the world,
But most of all, I wish it from myself.
And the songbirds keep singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before, like never before.
    Kristina placed her hand on her belly. She almost felt like she could fell her unborn baby inside.
Kristina(thinks aloud):And this is why I kept you a secret.


Stay tuned for the next episode:No One Said It Would Be Easy.

Dealing With Things Aren't EasyEdit

Josh:It's like everyday when I wake up, the only thing I can think about ,is that my girlfriend is pregnant with my baby.

Katylen:I don't even want to look at you. Because when I do all I see is how messed up things are about to get.

Kristina:I can't go to school today.

Things Are About To Get UglyEdit

Justice:Kate isn't Ms. Innocent

Aayliah:Why do I feel like every word that is coming out of your mouth right now is bullsh*t.

Kate:I'm about to get really tired of your sister.

Landon:All of this is getting on my nerves.

Getting Stuff Started Isn't Always EasyEdit

Tyler:We don't even have any ideas!

Yasmine:This is gonna be a disaster!

And What is Lia up to?Edit

Lia:No one could be a better captain of this low class club but me!




  • This is set two months after the previous episode.
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