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Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1-?
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Season 1 of Glee Fan-Fiction:


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  1. Meeting The Students
  2. Finding Recruits
  3. Just Getting Started
  4. Getting To Know One Another
  5. Not Everything Can Be Kept Secret
  6. No One Said It Would Be Easy
  7. The Drama Just Begins
  8. The Tension Rises
  9. Because At The End Of The Day
  10. You Never Know What Could Happen
  11. Either You Can Step Up Or Walk Away
  12. Regrets & Mistakes
  13. Let It Go
  14. This Is Where It Starts
  15. So This Is How It Feels
  16. The Girl I Used To Know
  17. What If
  18. Waking Up
  19. This Is Me Breaking Up With You
  20. Won't Take Back
  21. That Should Be Me
  22. Remember Me
  23. The Warzone
  24. Could This Be The End?
  25. Getting Back To Normal
  26. Forgotten Past (The Rihanna Episode)
  27. Time
  28. What You Are To Me
  29. Real PROMises
  30. How To Deal
  31. This Is Our Song

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Important InformationEdit

  • Rose, Jason, and Justice were sophmores  this season. While the rest of the cast were juniors. 
  • All of Midnight Carnvial were seniors.


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