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The Tension Rises
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date TBA
Written by SamcedesandKlaineForever
Directed by SamcedesandKlaineForever
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The Drama Just Begins
Because At The End Of The Day
The Tension Rises is the eighth episode in Glee Fan-Fiction: Same Directions. It is written by SamcedesandKlaineForever.





A lot of conflict will be in this episode.


Jane hears the rumor about Kristina. Jane questions Kristina. It ends with Kristina being kicked off the squad. Jane tells Amelia that she will be replacing Kristina.

Katylen and HeatherEdit

Katylen tells Heather the big thing that has been bothering her. Kateyln tells Heather something and Valerie over hears.

Heather and IanEdit

Heather talks with Ian about Kristina and Josh. Heather tries to hint about her crush on him in the process. 


Soon Kristina's secret won't be a secret to the Glee Club.

Kristina and KatylenEdit

Kristina blames her sister for the glee club knowing about what's going on with her. She also blames Katylen for getting her booted off the squad. An argument between the sisters ensue. 

Lia, Valerie, and LucyEdit

Lia tries to accuse Natasha of not being able to run both the glee club and counsel Kristina's situation. Lia tells the glee club why she be leader of Musical Ambition.

Kristina and JoshEdit

Kristina questions Josh.Josh can't figure out what to do.


Aayliah goes off on Landon


Landon goes to someone which he finds consolance. Which pisses Aayliah off when she sees it. 


  • Love You & Hate You/Dollhouse by Keke Palmer/Priscilla Renae sung by Aayliah and Lena
  • Chasing Pavements by Kristina,Heather,Natasha, and Josh with Musical Ambition
  • Never Say Never by The Fray sung by Josh
  • It's Over by The Cheetah Girls sang by Kristina with MA Girls
  • Ready Or Not by Bridgit Mendler sung by Heather
  • Don't Let Me Fall by B.o.b sung by Josh



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